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We need as many people as possible to submit a letter to ACHD Commissioners before Midnight tonight. Monday, May 16, 2020

Below find a link to sample letters.  The letter needs to be your own, but take the information from these two samples.  Do not use the words ‘concern’ ‘feel’ or any emotions.  State only facts.  Use a different font and make it look unique.  It should have a 1 inch margin all the way around. 

Print out your letter, sign it, and include a picture or scan of your signed letter along with your email.  Then send it via the ACHD’s Contact Us page

Sample Letters

Template for your letter


4 thoughts on “CALL TO ACTION – 5G”

  1. I am hoping our representatives and law makers DO THE RIGHT THING and don’t allow these extremely harmful towers to be placed in our state. Look at all the science and do not let yourself be bought by the technology providers. I am so sorry for other states that have already had these detrimental towers placed in their communities.
    There are alternatives! It’s already a proven fact that just sleeping near your cell phone, iPad, internet router, etc. contributes to several health issues. A plant near a router has extremely reduced growth rate and fails to thrive.
    Stop destroying our health and environment for money!!

  2. I am opposed to adding 5G technology to our State of Idaho. We are a farming state, and to that end, in order to survive we need insects, most importantly bees for pollination.

    The 5G wavelength is short. Research done on real insects (not theory) shows that 5G has a vibrational frequency that resonates within the insects body because of size. Basically it cooks the insect. This would further kill off our honeybee population.

    Research has shown 5G increases the insect’s body temperature – cooks them like they’re in a microwave.
    The 5G pulse will damage their wings and antenna.
    It decreases colony strength.
    5G decreases fertilization rate and effects swarming negatively.
    It reduces hatching of honeybee queens and causes the worker bees to have difficulty returning to the hive.

    We are dealing with the food chain here.

    In Colorado they have shown a decline of Aspen trees from cell towers, which are causing lesions on leaves and the death of trees. New seedlings are not effected because they are small and protected by larger trees. As the trees grow, they are compromised. It is also believed that 5G causes the leaves to become more flammable. We already have forest fire issues in the West.

    Boise, who calls itself the “City of Trees” could soon become the city of dead trees.

    Thank you.
    Barbara Parshley
    208 337 5455

  3. I do not consent to the implementation of the extremely controversial, untested and overrated 5G technology to be implemented in my neighborhood and city. We need truthful impact studies with terms not decades old on the environmental and especially human health impacts and corcerns before considering its release on our community.

  4. Dear ACHD Commissioners, As a concerned citizen and as an Eagle homeowner for 35 years, having unsuccessfully opposed the cell tower you approved at 2557 Sky View Lane in Eagle ….. in my back yard! I again express my concern about the radiation emissions from cell towers. I respectively request the ACHD Commissioners to do serious diligence on these issues despite the federal ruling on cell towers. We as citizens of Ada County deserve protection as well as do those who are allowed to place this equipment in residential neighborhoods! Thank you for your consideration, George Fischer

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