5G – ACHD Public Hearing – March 20th, 12pm – *CALL TO ACTON*

I just received the below Public Hearing Notice from Scott Spears, Assistant General Council for Ada County Highway District (ACHD). In 6 days ACHD is poised to adopt a new Policy regarding Small Cell Wireless / 5G Facilities in the Public Right-of-Ways for all of Ada County.

I’ve been reviewing the proposed ordinance and it would be devastating to our communities if it passes in its current form. We need to act Now! All hands on deck to prep for Wednesday’s Public Hearing. Please review the proposed ordinance starting with section 7409.4.1 (b). 5G Cell Towers 20′ from your home. ACHD needs to hear from all of us by Monday and we all need to attend the Zoom meeting on Wednesday.

Notice of Public Hearing

Proposed Ordinance Number 244 – Amending Title II of the ACHD Code with the addition of a new Policy Section 7400 entitled “Licensed for Placement of Small Cell Wireless Facilities”

Shoot me an email or give me a call if you can assist.

Hank Allen



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