Action needed! by Tuesday (June 23) at 5 pm.

Another critical FCC docket (20-52) is open for public comment right now: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday – June 21, 22, and 23.

The FCC is looking to decommission our SAFE COPPER landlines and use taxpayer money to build out toxic 5G in rural America.

The good news is we can submit comments for both proceedings at once — but we need to get them in asap!

Simply click the link here and follow these steps.

In the “Proceeding(s)” field: type 19-226. Hit Enter.

Then type in 20-52 on the same Proceeding line and hit Enter.

Fill in the rest of your form. (See our sample text below. You can use that for convenience.)

We realize filing a Comment is new and probably uncomfortable for a lot of us, but you can do this and it will only take a couple minutes.

Don’t let this be the day you look back on and say, “Shoot, I should have done something while I had the chance.”

Let this be your feel-good for the day!

Note, if your Comment includes links to resources, please also add the words:

“Citations and links hereby incorporated by reference.”

This formally gets it all into the public record and can be used later in lawsuits if the FCC fails to protect the public.


Your team at Idahoans for Safe Technology


Feel free to copy and paste this into your Comment and/or customize as you see fit:

The FCC’s failure to protect public health is harming me, my family, my community and our planet. The science is clear: radiofrequency radiation is harmful to all biological organisms (see the Science at Physicians for Safe Technology,

We need non-thermal radiation exposure limits based on the peer-reviewed independent science (see

We need fast, reliable, sustainable, energy efficient hard-wired fiber-optics/cable/copper to the premises, not wireless infrastructure.

We need reliable landlines that provide connections to emergency services during power outages. Satellites and wireless technology are not safe, nor are they reliable or sustainable in natural disasters (see Reinventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks,

Please, do your job and protect the public and our planet instead of the wireless industry’s thirst for innovation and profit.

Citations and links hereby incorporated by reference.

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