BE THERE! Boise City Council Meeting 6 pm Nov 17

More than 350+ 5G cell cites have been approved around Boise. The city allows their placement as close as 30 inches from homes. Many people around the Boise area have made countless requests to the Mayor, Boise Legal Counsel, and City Council Members for a meeting to discuss the issue.  We continue to be ignored.  However, the City Council Members had a meeting with Verizon at the end of August, simply because Verizon asked for a meeting.

– The Mayor continues to say ‘Our hands are tied, there is nothing we can do’, and ‘We are meeting FCC guidelines’.   Both of which are false.  All we want to do is educate her and the City Council on the legal facts, but they refuse to talk.

Cathy Cooke (founder of Idahoans for Safe Technology) appealed a WCF (5G Wireless Communication Facility) that is two blocks from her home.  The Planning and Zoning Commision denied that appeal on September 14th even though the application was approved without the required documentation per Boise City Development Code.

Cathy appealed again, and the case will now be heard by the City Council on Tuesday, November 17th at 6:00pm. (Boise City Hall on the 3rd floor in the Maryanne Jordan Council Chambers).   This may be our only opportunity to get in front of the council and educate them about their misconceptions regarding FCC law.  



This means that WE NEED YOUR HELP! It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Here is what you can do:


We need as many people as possible to show up at this meeting. We will not make progress in this fight unless we get a strong turnout at this meeting. This may be our last chance. We need you to show up to the meeting, and bring signs stating that you DO NOT CONSENT TO 5G!
They must understand the gravity of the situation.

SHOW UP on November 17th @
The Boise City Council Meeting
11/17/2020 6:00 PM
City Hall – Maryanne Jordan City Council Chambers
150 Capitol Blvd   Boise, ID 83702

If you are unable to attend in person join the online /virtual meeting:


1.  Boise City residents have requested countless meetings with the Mayor, legal counsel and Council Members to discuss the 5G rollout.  Why do you continue to ignore this request?

2. Boise City Council members met with representatives of Verizon Wireless on August 31st at the request of Verizon.  When will you allow due process to your constituents and grant equal time for a conversation with Boise residents?

3. Do you feel it is ok to continue to collaborate with the Industry yet ignore the people who are impacted by their product?

4. Do you understand the difference between Title I and Title II and how that impacts your control over WCF applications?

5. Do you understand that numerous other communities have listened to their citizens and LEGALLY put setbacks into place?  (Please see Whitefish Ordinance No. 19-09, Petaluma Wireless Ordinance, Calabasas, Los Altos, and many others. Read more here.)  Why are Boise citizens not offered the same protection?  Why are we less important?  Do you suggest that these communities are not following FCC law?

6. Do you feel you’re upholding  your oath of office by giving the telecom industry whatever they want but not listening to the people who voted for you?

7. Are you aware that the industry has been misinterpreting the law to benefit their bottom line for the past 25 years and are giving you false information?

8. Your legal counsel has quoted that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Case No. 18-72689 City of Portland et al. v FCC re: repeal of FCC Orders 18-111 and 18-133 removes local control from WCF placement.   This is incorrect, and a perfect example of industry indoctrination.   The actual ruling was this:

“We therefore hold that the FCC’s requirement in the Small Cell Order that aesthetic regulations be “no more burdensome” than regulations applied to other infrastructure deployment is contrary to the controlling statutory provision. See 47 U.S.C. § 332(c)(7)(B)(i)(II).

We also hold that the FCC’s requirement that all local aesthetic regulations be “objective” is not adequately explained and is therefore arbitrary and capricious.

We therefore:

  • GRANT the petitions as to those requirements,
  • VACATE those portions of the rule and
  • REMAND them to the FCC.”

Please do not allow your legal counsel to make interpretations of the law that are not there.

9. Do you understand what a ‘Propagation Study’ is?   

10. Did you know that the hundreds of approved WCF applications in Boise fail to meet Boise City Development Code requirements?  



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