Eagle Cell Tower – Hank’s Dead Bees & Afib

The New Macro Cell Tower on Sky View Ln., Eagle has put me into Afib 6 times and Killed my Bees!

Video of the Dead Bees

The RF Radiation from the Macro Tower has put me into Afib 6 times.  Here’s the ECG & Video from my 5th ER Visit.

Propagation Study provided by Horizon Tower.

Distance to Existing Macro Towers
My Afib Locations
Coverage Before Installation. There was plenty of Title II “Telecommunications Services” Phone and Texting coverage prior to the new tower.
Coverage After Tower Installation. The Green is Title I, Broadband, Information Services. This tower should have never been approved.

Horizon Tower vs Ada County – Consent Order & Judgment – Horizon Tower vs Ada County


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