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We are excited to announce that IFST is now a 501C-3! As a non-profit 501C-3 status your donations will be tax deductible. We are updating our website with new options, videos and links. Check us out:

UPCOMING EVENT: Testify @ Planning & Zoning Meeting for Permit Appeal

Public Appeal for Cell Tower in Residential Neighborhood: 601 N 27th St., Boise: Join us virtually, Monday, 9/14 @ 6:00 PM and JOIN IN TO TESTIFY for our Appeal in opposition to this cell tower with no purpose listed as to what it is for AND what Effected Radiated Power will be emitted from this tower onto your street, onto your property and into your home! HOW TO TESTIFY HERE
This affects everyone in Boise as these are coming into your neighborhood with 350 applications just to start with! Please take
Use link below and scroll down on this page to: Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting. SIGN UP HERE: Virtual Meeting

SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS! Become a Volunteer

We are a group of volunteers tirelessly working towards the safety and health of our community. Here is how you can help:

  • Volunteer coordinator position
  • Volunteers to contact schools with adjacent cell tower structures where we can get readings from the Effected Radiated Power coming from towers    
  • People to write letters and make calls to the Boise City Council
  • Volunteer to generate materials for schools and public meetings

Contact any time: carlakyle4@gmail.com

Meet Our Board

We are now Idahoans for Safe Technology Foundation, Inc.

We have been organizing in a big way for the past month and we now have a board elected! Your board members:

David DeHass: President
Hank Allen: Vice President
Carla Kyle: Secretary
Vivian Lockary: Treasurer
Cathy Cook: Director (photo soon)

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