UPCOMING EVENT: The internet, energy use, toxic waste and climate change

PRESENTATION: The Web of Inconvenient Truths: The internet, energy use, toxic waste, and climate change
June 10, 2021 @ Noon
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Featuring: KATIE SINGER presented her concerns about the Internet’s footprint at the United Nations’ 2018 Forums on Science, Technology & Innovation and Sustainable Development. An international speaker, her books include An Electronic Silent Spring (available in Korean), Honoring Our Cycles, The Garden of Fertility, and The Wholeness of a Broken Heart A consultant with the EMR Policy Institute, she speaks internationally.

In Our Web of Inconvenient Truths, Katie Singer explains how much energy the Internet’s access networks and data centers guzzle. She
describes the energy, toxic waste and CO2 embodied in every electronic device and presents ways that households, municipalities, schools, and businesses can begin immediately to reduce their Internet footprint. Consider this book a must-read for anyone who wants to participate in solving our energy and climate crises.

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