Update: Cell Towers in the Ada County public right-of-ways, 20 feet from your home?

Quick update on what’s been happening at Idahoans for Safe Technology. On May 14th, we received a notice that our Ada County Highway Department was holding a public hearing to receive public comment on Ordinance 244 which pertains to “Small Cell Facilities”. This order would allow 4G/5G cell towers to be placed in any residential neighborhood, including very near our schools. Each wireless company wants to create and control their own grid which would have us living in a sea of radio frequency/microwaves (RF/MW). They want these towers placed as low as 33ft from the ground and 20ft from your front porch, which can carry radio frequency/microwaves (RF/MW) through the walls of our houses and in to our homes.

We believe Ordinance 244 is extremely hazardous to public safety, privacy and your property values. The public hearing had a show of over 200 citizens! You can hear some of IFST’s hardworking team and also other informed citizens in the videos below.

This is democracy in action and the battle to kept our cities safe from radio frequency/microwaves (RF/MW) is far from over! Idahoans For Safe Technology has now raised a tremendous amount of awareness around this extremely important matter!

Your presence in these meetings and your letters to our ACHD commissioners informing them that you want them to vote NO on Ordinance #244 show them that you care about the health and safety of our cities. It also shows them we are united in our appeal to them to continue to listen and act on our behalf. NEVER doubt that you can make a big difference in your community and for the people you love!

This public hearing will continue on Wednesday, June 3rd at 12pm. SO PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

How else can you can help? Here’s what you can do today, yes, TODAY!

  • Please forward & share this message with your Facebook friends. Our local City Councils’ need to see how many people in the community support our mission.
  • Encourage your friends and family to join us at Idahoans for Safe Technology to add their name to the list of supporters.
  • Volunteer with us as we need legal, educational, and much more.
  • Kindly donate to assist with our legal fees.

Lynette Daudt- Significant Gap in Coverage
Dr Ann Huycke – Public Health
Hank Allen – Insufficient Liability Insurance
Rick Walsh – Cell towers do not belong in Residential zones
Susan Lang – The public wants a seat at the table.
Cathy Cooke – Certified Building Biologist and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.
Paul Gavin – Part 1 – Quiet Enjoyment of the Streets
Paul Gavin – Part 2 – Local Power & Control over WTFs Explained
Dave DeHaas – The Telecommunication Companies Shell Games
Christy Hodge – Property Values

Deanna – Remove Land Use Language from Ordinace
Heidi Kay – NEPA and OSHA
Ryan G. Hasey – Title I & Title II

Commissioners comment in videos below as they come to their decision to move this hearing out for further review.

Commissioner Rebecca Arnold’s comments following public testimony
Commissioner Jim Hanson’s comments following the public testimony
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