Idahoans for Safe Technology Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501C3. We represent thousands of Idaho residents who choose to live in and treasure the natural beauty of our state. Wireless devices provide many benefits that we continue to recognize in homes, schools, and businesses. 

We are here to inform our community of its rights as pertains to Wireless technology and work with our elected officials to offer responsible technology to our cities throughout the State of Idaho.  See our Wireless Ordinance Presentation given to the City of Eagle.

The growth of 4G & 5G Small Cell Wireless Transmission Facilities has been fast and exponentially powerful as higher frequencies continue to saturate the air space around us and come into our homes, our schools, and businesses. Boise is a test city for this technology.  You can see the map below with 350+ towers in the works. 

We are here to raise the alarm on the mass deployment of this novel technology. There is currently little to no monitoring of power output nor safety precautions by our local city & county governments. These “small-cell”  Wireless Transmission Facilities are being placed in our neighborhoods next to our homes without our consent. 

We are demanding that our cities adopt a safe Wireless Zoning Ordinance. Current wireless ordinances allow unneeded 4G & 5G cell towers to blanket our residential streets with harmful microwave radiation. The City of Boise code allows cell tower antennas 30 inches from homes and is approving new towers every day.

Let’s be smart and keeping cell towers a safe distance from residential neighborhoods and school zones. High-speed large bandwidth “Broadband” internet should and for the most part already is safely hardwired to our homes and schools. We are advocates for DSL, Cable & Fiber Optic “hardwired” Broadband, NOT 4G & 5G “wireless ” broadband. Hardwired broadband is faster, more secure, and does not emit harmful microwave radiation 24/7.

The Problem:

It is a scientifically proven fact that RF radiation transmitted from cell towers antennas, wifi routers & cell phones is harmful to human health and our environment (see 1,000 scientific studies, State of New Hampshire, National Toxicology Program, Eagle Cell Tower).  So, how do we best plan our city & county infrastructure to provide high quality cellular phone, texting, and high speed broadband internet to the citizens of Idaho while keeping them safe from RF Radiation? 

Here are the three infrastructure options:

  • A. Wireless Phone (2G, 3G & 4G)
    • Good Phone, Texting  w/ Lower Data Speeds
    • Medium hazard to human health & the environment
    • Requires high power RF emitting antennas every 15 to 30 miles
  • B.  Wireless Broadband (4G & 5G)
    • Medium Data Speeds
    • High hazard to human health & the environment
    • Requires high power RF emitting antennas every 200 yards 
  • C. Hard Wired Broadband (DSL, Cable & Fiber)
    • Highest Data Speeds
    • Low / No hazard to human health & the environment
    • No high power RF antennas required

Our Goal:  

1. Identify and fill significant gaps in cell phone coverage throughout the Treasure Valley.  Every person should have good access to make cell phone calls and send text messages from their home, office or on the road.  

2. Provide superior high-speed broadband data to every home, school and office in Idaho.

3. Accomplish this in the most responsable, safe, least intrusive manner possible.

Our Plan:

We propose using Hard-Wired (DSL, Cable & Fiber) for 90% of our community’s broadband needs and using Wireless (3G & 4G) for wireless calling and texting with moderate data speeds and capacity. 

Restrict high power RF antennas (3G, 4G & 5G) to at least 500m out side of heavy populated urban areas, especially residential neighborhoods and schools zones (see State of New Hampshire 5G Report).  Require precautionary power limits on all necessary antennas in heavily populated urban areas. This is a bit more expensive for wireless providers, but with proper master planning in our city zoning ordinances, it can be achieved. 90% of the tower infrastructure already exists. With a couple strategically placed towers, we can fill gaps in wireless coverage so that everyone will have access to five bars of service for making calls, sending texts and have a reasonably amount of broadband capacity.   

Provide 90% of high speed broadband date to every home, office and school via hardwired cable (DSL, Cable  &  Fiber).  Underground hardwired broadband (DSL, Cable & Fiber) is superior for meeting goal #2. It’s completely underground, nothing to see or to visually obstruct our quality pedestrian areas.  It’s safe for humans, the bees, our trees, it will not clutter our skylines and the best part is that 99% of our cities already have it in place (Century Link & Sparklight).   


We can have our cake and eat it too! 

Properly implemented, this plan will reduce exposure to unnecessary RF radiation, reduce unsightly visual blight in our skylines, protect humans, trees and our bees, provide superior broadband service and safe access to use our cell phones.


What is 4G & 5G? Question and Answers


We want the City of Eagle to:


We want the City of Boise to:

  • STOP approving permits on 4G & 5G Wireless Broadband, ‘small’ Wireless Transmission Facilities, deployed ubiquitously throughout our neighborhoods.
  • Speak with our group so that we can inform city council members, the city attorney and mayor McLean about the liability issues they are subjecting the City of Boise to.
  • Acknowledge the impact this liability has on taxpayers throughout Boise and Ada County due to the fact that you do not know the fixtures (canisters & antennae you are installing).
  • Understand that adequate coverage is already provided within a ½ mile radius of all 30 large macro towers in the area.  No new cell towers are needed for 5 bars on your phone for calls and data. 0.002 uW/M squared is all the microwave radiation needed for strong cellular service in your neighborhood.
  • Provide a needs test of Title I phone service outside the home in Boise neighborhoods for every small Wireless Facility Transmission application.
  • Inform the public of the City of Boise’s long-term plan. How many facilities will they ultimately give permits to install? How will this change the look of our neighborhood streets? Are we talking hundreds?  Thousands?
  • To acknowledge that this is not a ‘right of way issue’ but rather a land-use issue as pulsed microwave radiation travels out of 4G/5G facilities onto our streets, into our yards, and into our homes.
  • Understand the difference between FCC Title I, FCC regulated phone & text. VS: Title II (Broadband Big Data for streaming, movies, gaming, etc, that allows the City of Boise regulatory authority over where you will allow these ‘small Wireless Transmission Facilities.
  • Acknowledge the impact on property values when a small Wireless Transmission Facility is put near a person’s property.
  • Ensure city staff stops approving deficient applications that do not meet Boise City Code, nor FCC guidelines as these permits are being approved WITHOUT documentation of any proposed fixtures being assembled on the small cell towers. This means NO ONE KNOWS what the potential of ERP(Effected Radiated Power) is being put up!

Cell Tower Map Boise

We are a group of volunteers tirelessly working towards the safety and health of our community! Here is how you can help:

  • Volunteer coordinator position
  • Volunteers to contact schools with adjacent cell tower structures.
  • People to write letters to the Boise City Council
  • People to attend online Planning & Zoning commission meetings
  • People to attend City Council meetings for Eagle, Boise, Meridian, Star, Garden City, and Kuna
  • Generate informational materials for schools and public meetings

Please contact us at: if you are ready to get started or just need more information.

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  1. I attended the ACHD zoom meeting regarding 5G yesterday. It was very informative and I was encouraged to see the public awareness (at least of a few people, I think the general public is completely unaware of this dangers of 5G). I thought I read in the comments that some of the presenters’ slides would be posted here but I’m not seeing them. Can you please post a link to them?

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