5G Cell Tower in Eagle Idaho Causes Life Threatening Injure to Local Resident

On or about April 30th 2021 Verizon switched on a cell tower located at 2557 N. Sky View Ln., Eagle, ID.

With in a week or so of the tower being switched on I was admired to the ER with my heart in AFib.  My heart felt like it was jumping out of my chest and my heart rate was 145 bpm.  This was extremely scary for me and my family.  St Lukes used the paddles to cardio vert my heart back in to a normal sinus rhythm.  Over the following two months I was in the ER five additional times with AFib. Prior to April 11th, 2021 I have never been in or experiences Afib.  With in the same time frame I noticed that my bee hive had unexpectedly died.  A month prior in mid March, I checked the hive to make sure the bees made it through the winter and they were thriving.

The new 5G wireless technology uses a high frequency “Beam Forming Technology”.   I’m wondering if the power levels in these beams are too high and causing injury to myself and others in Eagle,

Question for Eagle Neighbors

Have you or a family member or neighbor living in North Eagle, ID noticed one or more of the following symptoms after March 30th, 2021?

  1. Unexplained Heart Arrhythmias or Afib
  2. Unexplained lethargy
  3. Flu like symptoms at specific locations
  4. Brain fog
  5. Ringing of the ears
  6. Difficulty sleeping
  7. Noticed that that there are less bees on your property

If so, please help me gather more evidence. Send me an email with your symptoms, when they began, and the address or cross street they are occurring.


My Investigation

Power & Frequency Measurements from the Tower.

FYI the 5G technology uses all of 4G frequencies. All of the red items are used by the new 5G technology. The lower the RSSI (dBm) the higher is power level (opposite of what you would think).  -80 dBm is max  safe power level, everything in red is way to high. 

Eagle Cell Tower Map and Locations

  • The yellow pins in on the below map indicate all of active 5G macro cell towers the Eagle area prior to March of 2021.
  • The blue pin is the new cell tower that was tuned on March 30th, 2021.
  • The red pin is my house located directly beneath the red line communication line between two towers.



Mapping my Afib episodes

After my third time in Afib I noticing the following:

  • All of my Afib episodes were happening at in my house or in my backyard.  Between the 3rd and 4th episode I took a ten day road trip to Florida and did not have a single episode of Afib.  With in two day of returning home I had my 4th Afib episode.
  • All of the episodes started around the same time of day, between 4:30 and 5:30pm.

So, I decided to plot the locations that I went into Afib with my OnX GPS hunting software (see below map). The red line is the communication line between two 5G macro towers, the red and blue points are locations were my Afib started.  I noticed that all of the episodes started close to the Beam Line.

Evidence of Injury

Dead Bee hive and No Bees on my trees

Nextdoor Post

To see if this was happening to others in Eagle, I sent out the following Nextdoor Post.

Here are a couple of the Replies:

Shielding My House

I reached out to an Electrical Engineer / Physicist for advice and he suggested that I shield my house from the RF radiation.   I purchased 5 Gals expensive Yshield paint along with aluminum window screening and the costly are you a project of painting my home.  After the shielding was applied the RF radiation in my house was reduced by 2/3.

Photos and video to come

The shielding seams to be working for in side the house. We are still feeling the daily assault in the following ways:

  • I have to wear a protective shirt if i’m in my backyard between 4:30 and 6:00pm.
  • I can only spend short periods of time in my yard.
  • My children no longer play in our yard.
  • I can’t sleep in our upstairs bedroom.  The radiation levels are too high.

Off Medications

After about a week I went off the expensive heart medications prescribed by my cardiologists.  It’s been three months and no more Afib. Thank God!

Horizon Tower vs Ada County

This is a link to the Consent Order for Ada County to issue the Cell Tower permit to Horizon Tower.  No RF Engineer was provided by Ada County to dispute Horizons’s gap in coverage claim.  There was plenty of Cell Coverage, no professional engineer to represent the counting.

Consent Order & Judgment – Horizon Tower vs Ada County

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  1. Our beehive that has been in our trees suddenly buzzed no more this summer .
    We didn’t understand . And we live closer to the tower on Sky View than Hank. This is so unbelievably tragic and no support from the Eagle government to protect us and our properties . One family and their selfish interest in a profit is a leaving a wake of destruction and illness . I hope they know about the bees. I am so sorry about the Afib.

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