Boise City Council Sells Out to Verizon

Watch the Boise City Council approve the current draft Wireless Zoning Ordinance.

On Nov 30th 2021 Mayor Lauren Mclean and the Boise City Council handed the keys to our wonderful city over to Verizon Wireless.  The Council claims that their hands are tied when it comes to regulating cell tower placement.  They have approved a proposed wireless zoning ordinance that forfeits local control over cell tower placement.  When you come home and find a 5G small cell antenna in your front yard there is nothing you can do about it!  Watch for yourself

  • Boise wireless ordinance meeting starts at timestamp: 1:53:01.
  • Public testimony on the risks and laws regarding cell towers timestamp: 2:18:20 to 3:57:45
  • City Council conclusion at timestamp: 4:04:42.
  • Council removes notice to property owners see timestamp 4:10:20 to 4:11:24
  • Council Member Patrick Bageant explains how the Cities  “Hands are Tied”  going to do nothing see timestamp: 4:12:15

Your Hands Are NOT Tied!  If Ada County can deny a cell tower in Star we want Boise to control towers too!