Could Cell Towers Be The Cause of Your Rapid Heart Rate (A-Fib, A-Flutter or Tachycardia)?

Do you live in the Treasure Valley of Idaho?  Have you recently experienced A-fib, A-flutter, Tachycardia, or a Rapid Heart Rate?  If so, please let us know.

We believe that some of the 5G cell tower antennas in the Treasure Valley are too low to the ground, transmitting too much power, triggering erratic heart rates (A-fib, Tachycardia, A-flutter).

Since late Q4 2020 there has been a mass deployment of small and large 5G cell towers in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, The 5th Generation (5G) of Wireless technology adds three new technologies to the older 4G  LTE Wireless Technology.

  1. M.I.M.O (multiple input multiple output) – This allows phones and cell towers to use multiple high and low frequencies to communicate.
  2. Beam Forming Technology – This allows towers to communicate with each other and 5G cell phones with a higher power focused beam of energy.
  3. Millimeter Wave Technology – Adding frequencies above 24 GHz for higher bandwidth, that travel shorter distances, requiring higher densities of cell towers.

None of these technologies have been properly evaluated by the FCC or NEPA for Environmental Safety to humans (see CHD/EHT etal  v. FCC).

After our initial NextDoor investigation feedback, We are mapping locations and time of day where the cardiac episodes began in relation to cell towers and their 5G communication beam lines.

Map Legend

  • 5G Beam Forming Lines between Antennas are in Red,
  • 5G Macro Cell Towers are in Dark Grey,
  • 5G Small Cell Towers in Brown

Help Us Put this Puzzle Together!

If you or a loved one has recently been in A-fib or Tachycardia, please give us some more information.

Afib Questionnaire
Please share some of your A-Fib details with us.
(999) 999-9999
Copy and paste a Google map pin or address of your first episode. See how to link below.

How to share your Afib location with Google Maps.

Nextdoor Afib Post from May 24, 2021

2 thoughts on “Could Cell Towers Be The Cause of Your Rapid Heart Rate (A-Fib, A-Flutter or Tachycardia)?”

  1. I’m so sorry for the suffering so many are going through. Most health care practitioners have yet to be trained to recognize, diagnose, treat and prevent microwave illnesses.

    Please refer them to the EMF Medical Conference for professional CME/CE accredited training. Far too many are being misdiagnosed.

    Ask your local first responders to be trained too. They will appreciate that they can do the training from the fire station as the conference had to be moved to an on-line platform due to the pandemic.

    For CME credits, one must register by May 1 and complete the training by May 17, 24.5 credits available.

    The conference videos are available to the general public as well, for just $39 to learn about electromagnetic fields directly from world leading scientists, doctors and public health experts. You can license the videos until February 2023. Hope that helps!

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