Please Take 5 Minutes to Protect your Children and the Treasure Valley – 5G Cell Tower Zoning Ordinance – CALL TO ACTION

STEP 1: Please send a quick email to your local Mayor, City Council and County Commissioners urging them to add stronger language to our current wireless zoning ordinances. (SEE BELOW SAMPLE EMAIL)

STEP 2: Copy and paste contact list of our elected officials into your email address.

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Subject: Stronger 5G Wireless Ordinances for Ada County & Neighboring Cities

Dear Mayor & City Council Members;

My Name is John Smith, I live at XYZ Street, Boise, ID. I have concerns with the deployment of 5G wireless technology in our city. I’m in favor of adding stronger language to our current wireless zoning ordinances. I would like to see local government have more control over placement and densities of Small and Large cell towers.


John Smith
Email addresses for your local elected official.
Strengthening Wireless Zoning Ordinances across the Treasure Valley is a necessary step towards giving local municipalities greater control over 5G and 4G Cell Tower placement decisions. We have a very important meeting next week with Zoning Administrators, Commissioners and Mayors from Ada County, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Meridian, and Garden City. We will be presenting stronger Zoning language that other cities across the nation have already successfully adopted. The planning staff will need direction from their Mayor or Commissioners before implementing these changes. The Mayors and Commissioners want to hear your opinion. 
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