CIty of Boise – Zoning Code Rewrite – Cell Tower Ordinance – Your Hands Are Not Tied!

Call to Action! The City of Boise is releasing Draft Zoning Code Rewrite.  The City is requesting public comment and holding its last Community Conversations Date: November 16, 2022 @ 7:30pm.  Location: Ada County Library, 10664 W. Victory Rd., Boise. Please attend this last meeting and let the City of Boise know how you feel … Read more

Stop 5G On Idaho’s Highways

9/27/22 2nd Round of Comments from Idahoans for Safe Technology On September 20, 2022 ITD had another rulemaking meeting.  ITD presented their Utility Accommodation Policy Draft #2 to stakeholders.  ITD has requested that comments or requested changes to the second draft of the  policy be submitted to them on or before Sept 28th, 2022.   Idahoans … Read more