CIty of Boise – Zoning Code Rewrite – Cell Tower Ordinance – Your Hands Are Not Tied!

Call to Action! The City of Boise is releasing Draft Zoning Code Rewrite.  The City is requesting public comment and holding its last Community Conversations Date: November 16, 2022 @ 7:30pm.  Location: Ada County Library, 10664 W. Victory Rd., Boise. Please attend this last meeting and let the City of Boise know how you feel … Read more

Fiber First Idaho

Everyone in Idaho Deserves Fiber Optic Broadband! There are two types of broadband connections: hardwired and wireless, and the best kind of wired broadband is hardwire fiber optic.  Compared to fiber optic, wireless is slow, expensive, unreliable, easier to hack, prone to fires, not able to handle future speed requirements, and not yet proven safe. … Read more

Best Wireless Information for Public Officials

AUGUST 10, 2022 – ADA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS DENY A 100 ft CELL IN STAR, IDAHO. Ada County and Idahoans For Safe Technology successfully deny a proposed 100 ft cell tower in downtown Star, ID.  The City of Boise and other municipalities across the nation have been lead to believe their hands are tied when it … Read more

Boise City Council Sells Out to Verizon

Watch the Boise City Council approve the current draft Wireless Zoning Ordinance. On Nov 30th 2021 Mayor Lauren Mclean and the Boise City Council handed the keys to our wonderful city over to Verizon Wireless.  The Council claims that their hands are tied when it comes to regulating cell tower placement.  They have approved a … Read more

Independent Science on the Effects of Wireless Radiation on Human Health and the Environment

There are more than 10,000 scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of Radiofrequency (RF radiation).  Here we present some of the most recent studies. I. Effects on Fetuses Mobile Phone Use During Pregnancy: Which Association With Fetal Growth? Boileau, N., et al. Journal of Gynecology Obstetrics and Human … Read more