Community Leader – 5G / Wireless Zoning Ordinance – Roundtable Discussion

When: March, 3rd, 2:00pm 

Meeting Agenda 

Idahoans for Safe Technology is requesting Ada County, Eagle, Boise, Meridian, Star, Kuna & Garden City to add stronger language to current Wireless Zoning Ordinances.  We believe local municipalities need more authority over 5G & 4G cell tower placement decisions.   We are asking Elected Officials and Zoning administrators to cooperate with neighboring cities and Ada County to establish similar “master planned” wireless zoning regulations.  

Pre-Meeting Preparation for Attendees

  1. Introduction to:  Idahoans for Safe Technology .
  2. What is 5G and Why should I care?   Fairfield, Iowa Comunity Forum 2/1/20
  3. Proven health risks from RF radiation exposure. National Toxicology Program
  4. Proposed Verizon / N. Sky View Ln, Eagle  Cell Tower. Local News Interview, Eagle Cell Tower Finings of Fact and Updates
  5. Proposed language for Strong Wireless Ordinances
  6. Policy Report:  Bolder, CO Small Cell FacilitiesBest Recourse for Zoning Admin and City Attorny

We Are Requesting the County and Cities:

  1. Protect Public Safety and Welfare:  Restrict Cell Facilities  near (Schools, Residential Areas, Public Building), ADA Compliance, Testing for RF Compliance, Require NEPA Review
  2. Manage Comunity Aesthetics:  Restrict Cell Facilities  near (Public Parks, Ridge Lines, Historic Overlay Districts, Trees), Increase Distance Between SCF’s, Camouflage, Setbacks, Max Structure Heights, Max Size, Placement Restriction, Undergrounding 

What Police Powers Do Local Governments Maintain for Cell Towers (see Bolder, CO Policy Report)

  1. Cannot – Effectively prohibit the deployment of SCFs, including those to be used for 5G.
  2. Cannot – Unreasonably discriminate among providers of functionally equivalent services—which means they cannot, for example, discriminate against 5G versus 4G LTE services
  3. Cannot – Regulate siting based on RF emissions.
  4. Can – Make decisions on the placement, construction, aesthetics, and modification of wireless communications facilities.
  5. Can – Protect the public safety and welfare.
  6. Can – Exercise authority over the public right-of-way, including reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on constructing and installing SCFs
  7. Can – Require facilities to comply with FCC RF standards

Rule For Regulations (see Bolder, CO Policy Report)

Regulations that a local government can pursue if they adhere to three principles. They must be: 

  1. Reasonable
  2. No more burdensome than those applied to other types of infrastructure deployments
  3. Published in advance

What Other Cities are Doing

See “Key Elements for Strong Wireless Ordinances”


  1. Establish communications network between Zoning Administrators.  
  2. Target Implementation Date: June 1, 2020
  3. Open discussion Q&A from Zoning Administrators and Elected Officials
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