EMF at Campgrounds

The best way to avoid EMFs is to get out in nature and go camping. When we sleep outside we’re not surrounded by electricity. At least, we shouldn’t be! But as I found out in this campground, just because you’re ‘camping’ doesn’t mean you are avoiding a high EMF exposure.

If you want to give your body a break, make sure you choose a campground that does not have electrical hookups or overhead powerlines. It’s always best to test with a meter just to make sure. That’s the only way to ensure you’re not getting high electric or magnetic fields where you’re sleeping. A really good meter for measuring electric and magnetic fields is the ME3030B by Gigahertz solutions.

For measuring radio frequencies, I recommend the Safe and Sound Pro or Safe and Sound Classic. You can get 5% off of all of these at https://slt.co/ and use the code WHBH-5.