Updates on Cell Tower Appeal

Update on Cell Tower Appeal @ 601 N 27th St

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Our group did an outstanding job providing in-depth testimony for this Appeal providing multiple references to the fact, law, and city code. Boise City Council members and the mayor denied the Appeal. This is what happened Tuesday night at the meeting we attended in person:

– The city council completely blew off the fact of no antennas information listed in the original documents being approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission for this tower. This means the 4G/5G microwave radiation and the potential of Effected Radiated Power could simply NOT BE DETERMINED prior to approval. Therefore, the safety of the neighborhood residents was completely disregarded.

– The permittee AND Planning and Zoning used their own interpretation of what a Propagation is. The study was conducted without the basic knowledge of how you obtain a propagation study. No outside expert in this field was consulted.

– Post meeting, one of our group spoke to Ms. Woodings after the city council meeting concluded. She told us, don’t bother following up. During the meeting, she also stated: ‘This probably isn’t the outcome you wanted’. This was said out loud before the vote was even taken that denied the Appeal.

– Mr. Halliburton really pressed the insufficient propagation study issue. Ms. Regan, (Verizon attorney) replied and told them that was what they do everywhere. The city council needs to know just because that’s what they do everywhere, doesn’t make it ok, we have told them this multiple times. It was clear to us that the Boise City Council is fine with putting their heads in the sand when it comes to small cell tower installation in our neighborhoods.

They are relying on false information brought by Verizon and espoused by their city attorney. They are not providing residents in Boise DUE PROCESS in updating themselves on scientific research and what FCC law actually states. We are truly alarmed at their continued ignorance of the long-term ramifications of this massive roll-out. They even had the audacity to refer to the Planning & Zoning commissions guidelines to City Code even though we paid an additional $180.00 to have THEM take a look at this Appeal. The original Appeal to the P & Z was $280.00. The Boise City code has a miserly 2 PAGES of guidelines for the Planning and Zoning commission to follow. No safeguards are in place. Sloppy documentation, unsigned applications, and lack of documentation in these 350+ permits for small cell installation in neighborhoods are outrageous.

Here is the City Meeting is posted on Youtube – start at the 2 hour mark.