NEPA Review of all 5G/Small Cells


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A recent court ruling examined the requirement for a Federal review for the placement of 5G small cell towers under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The court overruled the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) arguments in favor of Native American tribes, giving them and all cities the right to require NEPA analysis (or provide proof of exemption) before cell towers are placed. This decision has given cities a possible means to at least temporarily deny 5G  “small cell” or macro towers, and maintain local control in their placement, on the grounds that there has been no NEPA review for 5G /cell towers for both historic preservation as well as impacts on the human environment.

The FCC declared that “Every individual Wireless Telecommunications Facility(WTF) application must undergo NEPA review.” 

Therefore, every WTF application in the USA is incomplete until the applicant places substantial written evidence of a NEPA review in the public record.

NEPA Strategies from Scientists for Wired Technology

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  1. What does this mean for Boise? How has the city of Boise replied to our efforts to find out if they went through the NEPA guidelines? Can you please update these answers on FB? Thank you! Carla

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