STOP THIS TOWER June 14, 2021

CALL TO ACTION: Sign Up to Testify against #3 on the agenda REGARDING APPLICATION #CUP21-00015
Send an email. Make a phone call. Testify in-person/on Zoom.
Hank Allen moved to Eagle Idaho to establish his piece of paradise for his family. He bought a small farm, some cows, put up some fruit trees, and established a hive of bees.
Life was grand until April 15th when Verizon switched on a tower by his home.  Hank has been in the ER 5 times since then with Afib. One of those times they had to use the paddles.
Hanks bees were not so lucky. In early April Hanks bees were alive and Hanks family was excited for another batch of honey in the fall. After the tower went on and Hank got back from the hospital he checked on his bees.
All of them.
The entire hive was toast!
Hank asked his neighbors if they have been feeling different or maybe had heart palpitations or any other odd feeling. 20 neighbors said they to had notice something was wrong. Most had already made calls to see their doctors.
Those fruit trees that were in bloom? They have also been affected by the tower.
Boise city is accepting applications for towers and giving them out without any regulations.
Ada county on the other hand has gotten educated thanks to Idahoans for Safe Technology.
In a recent meeting, Ada County’s newly elected Commissioner Ryan Davidson proposed tabling the installation of any towers until a new code is written. David DeHaas and Hank were there to educate the Commissioners on what the law allows and what they have the right to regulate.
We need your help.
Boise City has another application of a tower going right in the middle of a local neighborhood.
Testify against this application on Monday night, June 14 at the Boise City Planning and Zoning meeting.
Sign Up to Testify against #3 on the agenda
REGARDING APPLICATION #CUP21-00015: 35 Foot Cell Tower on 40 Nth OWYHEE
You can testify in person or on zoom.
The meeting is at 6 PM  REGISTER HERE.
Don’t know what to say? We can provide you some talking points for your testimony. Call (208) 863-5555.
Send an email or make a phone call to the city council.
Contact them here.
Tell them we don’t need 5G wireless broadband data. We have plenty of cell phone service.

This Sunday, June 13th, on the radio David DeHaas interviews Hank, Cathy Cooke, and Rosa Martinez another mother who has been injured by a 5G tower.
Listen at 9 AM MST Sunday
580 AM 107.5 FM
or catch the podcast 
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2 thoughts on “STOP THIS TOWER June 14, 2021”

  1. The window scrubbers at the gas station used to be for scrubbing all the dead bugs off your windshield. It was very necessary, since you could not drive a city block without hitting at least one bug. Now it’s hard to find months flying around outdoor lights, because of all the wireless and pulse radiation, which has never been properly safety tested. We do not know the impacts these technologies have on the environment or our own health. It is even theorized this tech is directly related to the increase of stress and agitation.
    And worse, you are exposed to this whether or not you participate. You can not escape it.
    I do believe we have a right to self defense. Government needs to represent the people, not Big Tech or Big Biz. Especially considering gov’ts tyrannical overreach on COVID supposedly for health concerns.

  2. We would not survive long without our pollinators, the Bees. RF Microwave Radiation is harming not only the bees, but detrimentally affects every cell in our bodies. Just look at the studies gathered in the Bioinitiative Report, and declassified US Military documents. After reviewing the studies, I got rid of my cell phone, cancelled my WiFi, and set up wired Ethernet to our computers and phones for a safe alternative. We can either be part of the solution, or part of the problem. I’m opposed to the agenda REGARDING APPLICATION #CUP21-00015.

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